Wi-Fi Access - University of Sri Jayewardenepura


  • SJP-WiFi provides access to all University websites, the full range of Library resources and all non-University websites.
  • SJP-WiFi is recommended for all current staff and students.

Connecting to the SJP-WiFi network

You can connect to the SJP-WiFi network using your username and password as given below.

  Staff Members
  User Name: Employee No.
  Password: NIC number
  Management Students
  User Name: Registration no. (Eg. MC19991)
  Password: NIC number
  Humanities & Social Sciences Students
  User Name: Registration no. (Eg. AR19991)
  Password: NIC number (Eg. 123456789V)
  Medical Faculty Students
  User Name: Registration no. (Eg. FMSR9999, MSHB999, BMLS999, BScN999, FMSP999)
  Password: NIC number (Eg. 123456789V)
  Science Faculty Students

Visit http://science.sjp.ac.lk/wifi-access/

Contract basis staff members can obtain a user account by submitting the completed application form to the Officer in charge, Centre for IT Services (CITS) with recommendation of the Head/Dean.

Wireless access for conference guests

If you are organising a conference and want your guests to have wireless internet access for the duration of the conference please contact:

Centre for IT Services
Intercom: 8756, 8757

SJP-WiFi network help

  • If you are having problems connecting to the wireless network check your wireless connection is turned on.
  • If you are still having problems after checking your wireless connection or not connecting after entering the password, please come to the CITS and contact the Network Manager.